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Daily Comics is a mobile application that brings the world's most popular comic strips to your mobile phone. You can use it to read the following comics in your mobile phone:
The daily comics are stored in the server in formats optimized for viewing by the Daily Comics application. The application provides features like auto-scrolling, storing favorites and viewing archived comics and has a cool and easy to use interface.


Navigating the Menu Options

  • Navigate the Main Menu options using the LEFT and RIGHT (or track wheel) controls. Choose to read one of 6 Comic strips from View comics or Archive, set your favorite Comic strips, change your settings, read help or learn About Daily Comics.
  • Confirm your choice by pressing Fire Key.
Reading the Comic Strips

Choose to read one Comic Strips from View Comics or Archive. Navigate across the screen (UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT) using the arrow keys/track wheel on your phone. Stop the auto scroll by pressing the Left or Right arrow keys. Keep pressing the Left and Right arrows keys to scroll continuously.

Save a comic strip to your favorites.

When reading the comic, you can select Options and select "Add to Favorites" to save the comic strip or choose "Comics Menu" to go back to the Comics Menu.

Key Assignments & Navigation Short Cuts
  • Use the Arrow Keys /track wheel on your phone to read the Comic strip (UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT).
  • To stop the auto scroll press the Left or Right arrow keys. 
  • Press the Left and Right arrows keys to scroll continuously.
  • Use the Track wheel to move in the direction specified by the current orientation. Use 'Orientation' to change the current orientation.


  • When reading the comic, you can select Options and select "Add to Favorites" to save the comic strip
  • To stop the auto scroll  press the Left or Right arrow keys. Keep pressing the Left and Right arrows keys to scroll continuously.


Who can I contact if I have a question?
For further support, please email us at

I like to keep track of my favorite comic strips, how can I do that in this mobile version of Daily Comics?
If you would like to store your favorite comic strips as you graze through them, make use of "Add to Favorites" from OPTIONS menu.

How many different comic strips are supported in this application?
6 different Comic strips are supported. They are Garfield, The Boondocks, Foxtrot, Doonesbury, Cathy and Pooch cafe.

On what days are comics available?
Comics are available on every day except Sundays. You have access to a seven day Archive of comics strips as well.

How many comic strips can I save in Favorites?
You can save up to 25 comics in your favorites at any time. Add a comic strip to your favorites by using the "Add to Favorites" command from the OPTIONS menu when viewing the comic strip.

The comic screen is very dark.
On some BlackBerry handsets the backlight is turned off by default. You will see a 'light' key on the keypad at the bottom right - press it twice to get a bright backlight.

I get a Network Connection error when using the application.
Your BlackBerry is probably not configured properly to allow third party applications such as the Daily Comics to access the internet. Please see the following two documents that have details on configuring your BlackBerry device such that third party applications like the Daily Comics can access the internet. Please read the BlackBerry configuration settings.pdf first, and then read BES-ApplicationDeployment.pdf, if applicable.
BlackBerry configuration settings.pdf

What other BlackBerry products to you have?
You can buy the following BlackBerry products from us:


This mobile application was created by the mobile software experts at Skava and uclick LLC.

Please contact for futher support.

Application Copyright 2005, Skava Inc.
Comics GoComics/uclick LLC
The Boondocks Aaron McGruder
Cathy Cathy Guisewite
Doonesbury G.B. Trudeau
FoxTrot Bill Amend
Garfield PAWS, Inc.
Pooch Cafe Paul Gilligan
All Rights Reserved